Price List

Examinations, X-raysPrice
New Patient Examination (Inclusive of 2 x-rays if clinically necessary)£60
New Patient Junior Examination (Under 12yrs)£40
Routine Adult Examination£40
Routine Junior Examination (Under 12yrs)£30
Extended Examination (Patient not seen in 2yrs)£60
Consultation Appointment£50
Small X-ray each£12.50
Missed / Last Minute Cancelled Appointment Fee£40
Hygiene & Periodontal appointmentPrice
Periodontal Pocket Chart£40
Scale & Polish with the Dentist£70
Routine Hygienist Appointment£60
Extended Hygienist Appointment£90
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment£80
Fillings, Crowns, Root Treatment, Bridges & InlaysPrice
Amalgam Filling from£50.00 – £195
Composite Filling from£80.00 – £235
Laboratory Shade Take£40
Root Canal (single rooted tooth) from£260
Root Canal (Pre-molar) from£350
Root Canal (Molar) from£450
Root Canal Re-treatment from£490
Crown – Porcelain Bonded to Metal from£620
Crown – All porcelain from£620
Crown – Gold from£620
Inlays / Onlays from£590
Bridge (per unit) from£590
Re-cementation of a crown from£50
Extractions, Dentures, Implants & GuardsPrices
Soft interim mouthguard£110
Sports mouthguard£110
Acrylic Upper or Lower Denture (per arch) from£390
Chrome Cobalt Upper or Lower Denture from£800
Extraction (Simple)£150
Extraction (Complex/ Surgical) from£200
Implant Consultation£185
Whitening- from£295

Fees may change for specific treatments at the clinician’s discretion